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We run Art workshops for schools
We run Art-based activity parties for children
We help you with your Art 1:1
We paint pictures and murals

"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

Pablo Picasso

Meet Miranda

My name is Miranda Bryan. I am the owner of The Happy Art Company and I am passionate about Art, education and having fun. In the past, I have been a primary school teacher, youth worker, artist, nanny and mother. In short, I have been surrounded by Art and children all my life and am in the lucky position to be able to run a successful business doing the things I love best.

offers a bespoke service to meet all your arty needs.

Art workshops for schools
Art parties for children
Art tuition and support for exams
Murals and large scale paintings
Artwork for commissions

I started out as a nanny and freelance artist, painting portraits and pets. I studied Fine Art at Farnham Art College and worked as an artist painting murals for private commissions. After my daughter was born, I moved to Surrey, where I worked for the Curriculum Development Team and carried out many Art-based education programmes in a variety of settings, from primary and secondary schools to youth clubs, summer camps and residential centres. In 2001, I enrolled at what was then King Alfred’s College, now University of Winchester, to train as a primary school teacher, which was my job for the following ten years – alongside exhibiting the occasional piece of artwork! Friends and family members persuaded me to start The Happy Art Company. Over the years, I had held many creative birthday parties for our children, providing us all with lots of magical memories. I had also enjoyed holding lots of Art-based events within all my professional roles, from community events to Art days and clubs. As a teacher, I ran a successful ArtsAward group and organised many Art projects, gaining the ArtsMark Gold Award for my school. I was reluctant to leave teaching as it had been a career that I had enjoyed very much but starting my own business seemed a way that I could combine the best of both worlds and follow my first passion for Art. So, The Happy Art Company was created and I am enjoying it more than ever!